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Graphic designing is not a modern technique, its roots is in the history of human evolution. Today we make graphics by using computer and other devices and show our talent. But do you think ever that, who was the first graphic designer? Before going in the history of graphic designing we should know that what is a graphic? A Graphic is a visual representation relating to visual art, especially involving drawing, engraving, or lettering. The first graphic designer was the cave man who started drawing on the wall of the cave and start conversation through those designs.

From the cave man to graphic designer, the designing covers a long path of advancement. The modern concept of graphic designing is to make some visual designs by using electronic devices. Every graphic has its own identity, nowadays every company needs some unique graphics which represent them in the form of logo or icon. Following are some tips which should be in mind before designing an icon for a company.

Make It Easy to Read: Visuals effects more than text. We remember visuals for a long time in comparison to text. So an icon should be simple and easy to read. Visual legibility is one of the most important things during the designing of an icon.

Think Icon, Not Image: An icon is not the picture in a box, it is something else. An icon can include an image, logomark or text or combination of all these elements. So at the time of designing icon, think something different not about image.

Avoid Words:  An icon is designed with the intention to create an identity without word so try to avoid words in designing.

Use Vibrant Color:  Colors always attract so during the designing the icon for any company or brand use vibrant colors so it will become more eye catchy. But during the use of colors also remember the color theme and nature of the company.

Think Outside the Design Box: In the world of business everyone needs a unique icon which becomes their identity. For a unique icon the designer should think out of the box otherwise the product will be a boring and general icon, which will be of no use.

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