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For any business this is mandatory that every one should know about that. From the very first day of civilization, business is there and man use various ways to promote their business. For promotion of business there are many ways from mouth publicity to door to door advertisement and from print media to out of home promotion. In present business world all needs every platform for their promotion and advertisement but the most important and speedily emerging platform is online presence. The concept of business is changed in nowadays; physical stores converted to online stores and the online presence become mandatory for every business entity.

What is online presence?

An online presence is all about your presence on internet it could be both personal and business-driven) and the interactions those identities have established, and participated in, online. A net presence give you very wide reach, with it you can gain your fans, followers, customers and all those thing you required for business promotion.  Having an identity on the internet is necessary for all business to survival and growth.

Why online presence is necessary:

An online presence is important on the following points.

Accessibility: With the online presence your business will open for your client 24*7 and the time limitations will break. Whenever your client has time he can come to your online store, this will help to increase the business.

Brand Building: Online presence not only gives you 24*7 availability but also help in the brand building. Online presence gives the option of comparing the feature of product range and reviewing the product or service. All these gives credibility to your business and for this clients need not to go various sources for testimonies.

Greater Audience: Online presence helps to bring greater audience. For any physical store or traditional marketing platform the reach of audience is limited at the extent where our advertisement goes. But when we are going online the geographical limits is of no limit and our name goes that number of audience which is beyond our imagination.

Is website is necessary for online presence:

Some of the people are confused at the point that for online presence website is the only medium or there is any other option too. There is not any compulsion of having a website in present days. No doubt website is important for any business, it is just like a showcase of your work. But if you have not any website then its not mean that you are not eligible for online presence. There are many more online platforms other than a website which can help you to increase your online presence. Social media is one of them, you can use Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Gmail, Linkedin and many more other platform of social media for the promotion of your business.

Advantage and disadvantage for using social media for business:

  • persuasive and relevant content will seek the attention of possible patrons and increase brand visibility
  • you can respond almost instantly to industry developments and become heard in your field
  • it can be much cheaper than traditional advertising and promotional activities
  • social content can indirectly boost links to website content by appearing in universal search results, improving search traffic and online sales
  • you can deliver improved customer service and respond effectively to feedback
  • customers can find you through new channels, generating more leads
  • increased loyalty and advocacy from the customers you’ve connected with


you will need to commit resources to managing your social media presence, responding to feedback and producing new content

it can be difficult to quantify the return on investment and the value of one channel over another

ineffective use – for example, using the network to push for sales without engaging with customers, or failing to respond to negative feedback – may damage your reputation

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