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Avoid Some Silly Designing Mistakes

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Website designing is very sensitive and responsible job, but some time designers make some silly mistakes which can eradicate all hard work. So at the time of designing any website, following are some points which should keep in mind for an errorless website.

Lack of Accessibility: Now the website not mean accessible only by a big computer or laptop screens. This is the era where internet is available to a big number of screens from mobile to computer and from laptop to tablet. So if a website designed by you changes its formatting and settings and not properly accessible with all the screen then your work is of no use.

Can’t find contact information: Website is a place where you can’t contact with person only in a imaginary world because a website is on a air space it has not any physical address. But for any business or company a physical address and phone number is mandatory, if there is not any section which gives any information about contact then the website not have that much credibility.

 Infrequently Asked Questions: FAQ segment is not just a segment used because it is in tradition. FAQ is a very important segment for visitors to find out the answers of their questions. This segment should be updated time to time and should be only relevant questions.

Click Here To Enter Site: This is just a waste link, when visitor is already on your site then why should we give a link like “Click here to enter site” link or a gratuitous splash screen.

Too many meaningless graphics: Sometimes we think that more graphics attracts more people, but this is not true, no doubt graphics attract but each graphic should relate to some story or content. If the graphics are not relevant to the content or company then they are just a waste and should not be used.

For a beautiful and systematic website these types of mistakes should be avoided to project your work. Otherwise, these small mistakes will make  your website waste.

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