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Mobile Website V/S Mobile Application

Mobile Website V/S Mobile Application

We are having an endless debate on the advantage and disadvantage of mobile apps and mobile website. Everyone has their own view but the evolving technology has made such a strong place in our daily life, that it becomes impossible to ignore them. They may be good or may be not so good but can’t be ignored. Here is a comprehensive review which always a part of any discussion for making your own view about the need of mobile apps and mobile websites. 

Before starting any discussion we should know about the topic or product. Here is the simple definition of mobile website and mobile application for the understanding of the base of the debate.

Mobile Website: A website that is specially designed and developed for the mobile devices. The websites are not open uniformly on each screen, if you open those on mobile they look different and on computer differs. The websites designed for the computer are too heavy for the mobile operators and also change their alignment on mobility.

Mobile Application: A software developed specially to run on mobile phones. These apps are available on app stores and can be downloaded from there. All apps are not available for all platforms, there are differently developed for android, IOS, windows and other platforms.

 Advantages of Mobile App:

  • Provide fast and easy access on mobile devices.
  • Fully loaded with content, rich media and smooth functioning.
  • Time is not boundation , a user knows very well how much time will need after its first trial.
  • Mobile apps are quite analytical.
  • You have to liberty to give new idea for improvement of app.
  • Downloading of app can help to generate revenue.

 Disadvantages of Mobile App:

  • Mobile apps have a very limited reach, there are available only for specific platforms.
  • Developing cost of any mobile app is very high.
  • The marketing cost of the mobile app is also very high.
  • You cannot predict anything about the shelf life of app because it is in the hand of the user that how long he will use it and when he wants to delete.
  • All apps not have prior approval. Apple test and review and then only give approval to any app.
  • Up gradation needs downloading of the app.

Advantage of Mobile websites:

  • Reach of mobile website is very high.
  • Website appears during the browsing.
  • Consistent branding of mobile website provides a look and feel to your business.
  • The traffic check for a website is very easy which is not available for app.
  • The shelf life is long as you want.
  • No need of user for upgrade the site.
  • Pricing of mobile website is very affordable.

Disadvantage of Mobile website:

  • Does not available on desktop as app so need to go again and again.
  • Major problem is the competency with all the platforms.
  • Flash does not work on iPhones.
  • Requires you to make choices as to which information from your website will be included and how it should be presented.

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