Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing- A Play of Visuals

Graphic Designing- A Play of Visuals

Graphics are one of the strongest ways to communicate your thoughts. It’s not always true that the impressive communication is made by words. Even some times the graphics are much louder than the words. Visual / Image representation gives the space to be imagination and the images are describing much stronger than the spoken words. With the spoken words you are imposing your thoughts on the listener, but with the images they develop the idea.

Graphic designing is an art of visualizing the ideas. This type of communication is very helpful for newsletters, logos, posters, brochures, etc. The use of typography and other skills help to generate a good graphic to communicate the idea. The graphic designs can be categorized in following way:


In the image based graphics are used for representation of the meaning of the information. Images are the best way to understand the situation and mood of the message. A image is not necessary to be a digital image, it may be a simple photograph or a painting or any alike thing which could be used as image for representation of desired message.


Some designers believe that words are better than images, they use typography and calligraphy to make the graphic. Typography and calligraphy are used to attract and grab the attention of viewers. Some time a strong campaign is simply written on the simple background with attractive colors and impressive fonts are much more convincing than any other form.

Image and type-based

This method contains both images and text, both are used to express the idea, but it needs a balance between both because if any one of these looses their balance the whole campaign will be ruin.

Symbols and logotype

Symbols are the ideal and concrete form of information which compresses the ideas and helps in better understanding of the people. The symbols and logo becomes the identity of the brand or company. So when a designer uses the symbol and logotypes then he should make a proper research about the company so that he can give the best graphic which describes the company perfectly.

Graphic designing is the art of demonstrating the message through visuals. These visuals may be the image based or the typographically and sometimes it may be symbol based. Whichever type a designer would be select, but the prime thing which should be kept in mind is the clear communication of the message because there is no voice to support the graphics.


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