Mobile Applications

Rising Market of Mobile Applications

Rising Market of Mobile Applications

What you think when you hear the word mobile application. An application for games or fun? If yes then you are not updated with the technology. Now a days mobile apps are used as social networking for communication to games apps and news apps to ecommerce apps. The possibilities of mobile app are for endless reasons. The latest figures from IDC show that smartphone sales recorded a 34.2% quarter-onquarter growth and a 294.9% yearon-year growth. The Informate October 2010 track by Informate Mobile Intelligence says the number of users visiting an App store has jumped 108% in October 2010 versus the year ago period. These all are the reason of increase in demand of mobile applications for each business.

With the announcement of 4G internet, there is a dramatic change in the scenario. The people who have not much time for the laptop browsing and the speed of internet aren’t allowing them to browse, they can easily access the internet with their mobiles. The android, windows and all other platforms of mobile applications are very happy with the changing scenario and ready to face all the challenges.

The mobile applications are available not only in English, but also in the native language of the audience. Now this is an accepted fact that if you want to reach your target audience, then you must be communicate in their language. To convince anyone in their language is much easier than to communicate in any other language.

The apps market in India is still very fragmented. Most companies like Indiagames have developed tech solutions which allow for the porting of games across different mobile operating systems so as to maximize the revenue they can earn. In India paid apps are not so popular in comparison to other country. But with the mobile app you can decree your budget of advertisement.

The mobile application is the future market. In the future each and every thing will go on mobile, like in the present days all physical stores have a net presence. No matter those stores sells online or not, but the net presence is mandatory. At the present time people prefer to search on the internet rather than to go door to door for searching the service. The history repeats itself and the coming era is of mobile app now the customer wants everything whenever he wants, and this is possible only on the mobile apps. For the mobile app development there are so many companies in the market, but before selecting anyone for your business go through their portfolio and then select the best one for your work.

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