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Fonts – enhance the value of website

Fonts – enhance the value of website

A website is not only the work of a single person or a single technique. This is the result of so many brains and the hard work of the team.  There are so many technologies and tools are used in a website designing and development but for a common man the first impression of the website is the looks of the website. Even we can say that  looks speaks first actions later, same with the website when it looks better then visitor will take interest and go for further details.

For the website looks, fonts used in designing plays half role. The more attractive fonts the better looks. But during the selection of fonts for website very keen understanding of the nature of the work and purpose of website, because each and every font have its own effect and use for certain specific purposes. Here is list of some popular fonts which are used for developing and designing an impressive website.

  • Montserrat : This font is created by Julieta Ulanovsky for enhancing the beauty of the content. This font is an open source font and available with license and goes some way toward preserving the urban typography of the historic region.
  • Abril Fatface : this font is basically used for striking headlines and for strong and elegant presentation. There are 18 styles in this family and all are big and heavy font.
  • Playfair Display : this font have an extra-large x-axis and short descanters. This font is used for headlines and especially for those headlines where the space is tight. This font also be unite with Oswald, Lato and Arvo.
  • Merriweather : When we are selecting any font then the first concern is about the readability of the font, in the parameter of readability this font stands at top position. This font is a regular evolving font so you can get evolved font regularly.
  • Josefin Sans : This font is a Swedish design. It has very elegant geometric pattern, inspire by New Universal Typeface Newut from André Baldinger.
  • Gravitas One : This one is used for heavy advertising. The pluse point of this font is that, it can be used for large, medium or small any type of scale, this looks good on every header, tabe and striking titles.
  • League Gothic : This font is come from American type founders company.
  • Fjord Fjord : This font is serif typeface which is basically used for printing books especially long text in small print sizes.

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