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Common Mistakes We During Website Designing

Common Mistakes We During Website Designing

Whenever a website designer designs any website, the designers give their best in designing and development of the website, but some time results are not as good as the time and energy consumed during the process. There are some common errors which work as obstacles in the looks and function of the website, some of them are listed as below:

Large fonts: To much large or bold fonts are a key cause to lower rung the looks of website. When you make a plan for website development choose the size and font which looks good after opening the page. It should be readable, and clear to the viewer.

Poor overall appearance: The overall appearance of a website should be good and easy to navigate. Don’t work only on one page.  Single page will never give a good website, for a smooth running website all pages should be good.

No contact information: There should be contact info in the web site. This is a necessary thing, if anyone is impressed with your work and wants to communicate then where he will contact if no contact details available on your website.

Poor content: Content should be unique and specific. No one wants to waste their time in reading of unnecessary content which is not unique and not giving any relevant information.

Poor navigation / organization: Switching and surfing from one page to another should be smooth, if there will any problem in navigation no will stay for a long or come back to your site.

Broken links and graphics: Broken links and broken graphics never be considered a good thing for the website. Links and graphics should work properly.

A good website is the website which has no problem in navigation and looks. A good website can help you to increase your business opportunity. On online platform your website represents you, you will not go to convince your client about your business, this work done by your website on behalf of you, so your website should be designed with an impressive idea so that it communicates your message clearly.

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