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Your content speaks through written words, not by spoken words on online platform. If you are offering your services through a physical outlet or by such medium where you can communicate with your client by words then it will be an easier way of convincing any client because when you are directly conversation with anyone then you can explain your work with your words. But when the question arises of the online convincing power of your business, then you or your representative is not available there to convince them or explain them. There are only words which communicate with your message. The written words on the website are your representative and these should be clear and communicating so that words can explain your business perfectly.

Content not only explanatory of your business, but from the point of search engine optimization, content plays a very important role. An SEO can help you to get high ranking on a search engine which can turn traffic to your website. The more traffic the high rating and high rating gives you more business. The first demand for any SEO content is that it should be hundred percent unique. A search engine rejects the content and show as plagiarism content.

 Content should be informative and give proper information  about  your business, if the content is not connected with your  work profile  or not giving clear idea about your working then  no visitor want to  read that content. Nobody has time in this  fast era to give time on  those things which are not of their use.  So always try to give right and original content in interesting  ways which can grab the attention of visitor and communicate   your message properly.



Some parameters on which any website should be cross checked:


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