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What should be Checked before Submitting Your App to App Store

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The growing market of smart phone has opened a new market for the development of mobile applications. Mobile apps are more easy and convenient in compression to the website. People love to brows on their phone now a days and the websites which are designed especially for the computer view, not responds well while open on mobile phone. Responsive websites are the solution of this problem, but for smartphone applications getting popularity more speedily. The mobile applications are designed especially for the mobiles and these are not only the substitute of the website, but you can also have an app for some specific purpose. Development is no doubt a tough task but the same importance of testing of app before submitting it to the app store.

Here are some tips which should follow before submitting your app to the store.

Reserve Your App Name: A unique name is always necessary for any app, this will become your identity in the market, so not only select an unique name but also register that.

Get a Catchy Title: Same like title name, title of the app should be catchy so that it can attract the attention of the visitor.

Select the Right App Category : When you are planning to submit your app on app store, select the right category so that it can appear in the right category, otherwise no one will be able to find you.

Include Relevant Keywords to Describe Your Application: Keywords are the key of success for any website, content or anything present on the internet because browser shows the results on the basis of keywords. So keyword should be relevant with your work.

Share Your Application’s Identity in Both Windows Store as Well as Windows Phone:

Your identity should be same on both windows store and windows phone.

Pricing for Your Application: Applications are available under two categories so before submitting clear that in which category your app will come and what will be the price if paid.

Determine Your App Promotion Strategy: Promotion is the necessity of the present world, without promotion it is very hard to find the right place in the market.

Make Sure Beta Testers Have Microsoft Accounts: Make sure that you beta testers have Microsoft account.

Get a Game Rating Certificate: some countries need certificate of gaming if your app is of game. So if there is such requirement get certificate.

Prevention is always better than cure, so it is better to do all the possible test before sending for submission, for a flawless mobile application.

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