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Key features to write SEO Friendly Content

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Writing content is an art, but when this art gets the support of some techniques it gives superb results. Whenever you are writing for yourself the writing style is different and the time when you start writing for the mass reading the style of writing changes entirely. Writing content for SEO or the SEO friendly content is entirely different from general writing, because the ultimate purpose of SEO writing is to attract more readers on your site and getting more hits on your site. A unique and informative content can attract the readers, but for this you need a visibility on the internet which can be done only by using some techniques.

Unique content: Write unique and non-copied content. If you write content just by copy pasting from the goggle, then search engines will not consider our content as unique and not give you a good visibility during the search. So write original content which gives some useful information to the readers.

Post title and Meta title:

  • Post title: how your reader will see the post
  • Post meta title: what search engines will see and show in the search result

Keep post title less than 60 characters. A unique post title and meta title helps to achieve high ranking during the search of key words.

Post Meta description:

Meta description is like the sales copy of the blog. It plays a major role in the getting high rank in search engine ranking. It should be less than 156 characters and describing the nature of business of the company.

.Image Alt Attribute:

Images play an important role in the search engine optimization. The images give the first impression in the mind of the viewer, a catchy image attracts the attention of the viewer and viewer inspires to read the whole post.

Only use of attractive image is not sufficient, use of Alt is must in the insertion of the image. Always give a link to image so that whenever anyone search that, the image comes in top search.

Interlink and Anchor text:

Interlinks and anchor text are very useful to direct the visitor to your desired site or page so right placing of interlinks and anchor text helps to keep your website rating high.

A strong and SEO friendly content gives high visibility to the website and increase the traffic to your website and which ultimately results in making image and increasing business.

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