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Profits of Using Images in Blogs

Profits of Using Images in Blogs

Blogging is the most emerging work on the internet. A good blog has all the ability to reach at top in the cut throat competition. Content is the soul of the blog but there are other things too which are behind the success of the blog and the most important thing among all is the graphics. Here are some highlighted areas which can be improved by the use of graphics.

Associated Thumbnail Image:

For a blog post a thumbnail image creates a good impact on reader. Because if you use a full size image then it block the content so use an associated thumbnail image which will not hide the content and when you click on the image it can be enlarges.

Encourage Social Media Interest and Sharing:

If you want more engaging post for social media then it should be supported by the graphics which explains your post.

Support Your Point:

For the support of your point you can use the images which describe your words.

Introduce Your Message:

Before reading any content graphics comes in front of the viewer so these can easily introduce your message.

Make Your Blog More Memorable:

A good content supported by excellent graphics give a life time impact on the mind of the viewers.

Achieve an Emotional Connection:

Sometimes only written word not able to live foot prints on your mind but when they get the support of the graphics they become memorable.

Add Color and Vibrancy to Your Blog:

Simple text gives monotony to the post but when they are combined with the graphics the blog become lively and vibrant.

Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

For SEO images are mandatory, without images search engine optimization not gives the desirable results.

Inject Humor into Your Blog:

With the images you can add humor in your blog post.

Convey Professionalism:

Selection of right image for your blog convey you professionalism to your readers.

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