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Different Types of Website

Different Types of Website

There are millions of websites floating on the internet. These websites are developed for various purpose and you can find multiple websites for your single work. There is no set criteria for the categorization of the websites. However, broadly these websites can be categorized into the following categories:

Corporate Websites

These websites are also known as business websites and are developed for the purpose of giving information about the company. You can find business nature, contact numbers and other details about a company from the corporate website. The aim of this type of website is to spread information about the company.

Personal Websites

These types of websites are not developed for a group or company. These websites promote individuals and the main purpose of these websites is marketing of individuals.

Flash Websites

Videos are more powerful than words. If you watch something, then you will remember that visuals for a long time in comparison to the written words. The same principle is applicable to websites. Website with video has more powerful impact than words. These websites are mainly developed in flash format, YouTube is the best example of a flash website.

E-commerce Websites

In today’s time due to shortage of time, people want everything online as it saves time and gives more options to search. This shortage of time opens new avenues of business and the eCommerce website development has become an emerging business. Ecommerce website is developed for business, especially for the sale of goods and services.

Social Media and Networking Websites

Social media and networking websites are most popular website in present time. These websites are developed for communication and interaction. Here you can share your views and communicate with the world.

Photo-sharing Websites:
Instagram is the most popular website in this segment. This website is very popular nowadays for the photo sharing.

Mobile Device Websites

Now bar phone is the part of the museum and almost every mobile holder is a smart phone owner these days. People feel more comfortable and handy with these phones  in comparison to a laptop or desktop. This is the main reason behind the popularity of mobile device websites.

News Websites

Now, almost every newspaper and news TV channel have their own websites and news websites gets more hits than the purchase of the physical copy.

The World Wide Web has become massive and gigantic. Every website tries to give best outlook and the innovative ideas to get more hits and promotion of websites.

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