Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing- A Gift from Ancient World

Graphic Designing- A Gift from Ancient World

The graphic is the mother of communication, in the starting age of evolution when there was no formal language for communication, then our ancestors developed the sign language for communication. The symbols painted on the walls were the medium of passing messages from one to another. Each and every symbol had their specific meaning. That art of symbols is still used in the present world where we developed lots of mediums for the communication, but the symbols are still one of the strongest mediums of communication. The sign language of symbols came from the ancient age, now known as Graphics and used for many purposes, whether educational, cultural, commercial or political.

Graphic Designing- A Gift from Ancient World

In the modern world of internet, graphic designing becomes an individual branch. When you see any website image comes first, all other things present there comes secondary. Content and other things are necessary for any website but, that need time to grab attention. Once you start reading any content, then only you can understand about the idea behind that, but the graphics are the thing which communicates ideas from the very first time. Once you see any graphic you can draw an idea that for which this image is talking.

Images always support content, when you support your content with images the content becomes more impressive and communicable because with the help of image a reader can draw an idea about the context of content and this increase curiosity about the content. For online platform, it is always suggested to upload any content with the image to increase the reach and attention seeking capacity of the content.

Graphics are not only used for supporting the content on the online platform, but it is also used for various purposes. Graphics are also used for making logo, banners, posters, catalogs and so many purposes. A logo is the identity of the company, people know the face of the company by the logo of the company. When a graphic designer designs logo for a company, he designs it after a deep research of about the company nature and business.

Graphics are the things which have not any end, it changes its forms with the evolution of time and technology. Earlier it was painted on the walls and now these are painted on the computer, but the importance of graphic remains same without any effect of time change.

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