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From Desktop Screen to Mobile Screen

From Desktop Screen to Mobile Screen

In the era of internet everybody wants to be updated with the technology. You want any information or want to informed public about your work internet is the best way.

On the internet there are lots of platforms on which you can use for branding yourself. You can use social media platform, or may use your own website or other supported platforms.

Websites are the most dominating ways to advertise your business. If you have an attractive and describing website for your business, then it’s a right direction for the promotion of your business. When you are planning for a website then keep in mind that due to the increasing number of screens your website should be supportive for all the screens.

There are mainly four types of screens which are used for net surfing.

Desktop screen: This screen is the most common screen. The era of the internet starts on the desktop. Desktop screen is the screen of normal computers, normally websites are designed for the desktop screen. Compatibility of your website should be with this type of screen because maximum traffic comes from the computer.

Laptop screen: There is not much difference between the desktop screen and the laptop screen, but there are some features which are not same in both the screen. At the time of development and designing of website this problem should be resolved and supportive for both screens.

Tablet screen: Tablet screen is more handy and used more frequently for reading and surfing. But if the website designed for the laptop or desktop screen not make supportive for tab, then there is no value of your website.

Mobile screen: The present era is the era of smartphones. People carry mobile phones with them more than anything else, surfing becomes more user friendly with the smartphones. But if a website is not responding with your screen, then it will not open properly. If you want to increase reach your business, then make sure that your website should be responsive for mobile screen.

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