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Email marketing – Still More Effective than Social Media Marketing

Email marketing – Still More Effective than Social Media Marketing

All the marketing talks are based on social media these days. And these talks are not useless, because in very less time social media proves that it has grip over the audience and if you are not on social media then you lose your chance of fast growing.

But when the question comes preference of email marketing and social media marketing, then most of the businessman shown their faith in email marketing. The ultimate aim of marketing is to increase the sale of company and researches shows that more organic results come from the email marketing not from social media marketing.

Why Email Marketing:

Email marketing has a personal touch. Whenever you see a message in your inbox, you feel more connected with the message in comparison of getting random message. Researches show that more organic customers come from email marketing, lesser from Facebook and least from the twitter.

Message in inbox needs the permission of user for opening. So when a user clicks on mail then it’s a positive sign that he is interested in that mail. And if user not clicks on email then the probability of reading subject matter is high. While in the case of social media one can easily ignore the sponsored marketing advertisements.

What makes email content work?

Content is very important for any online message, because content is the major thing which explain your message. Content could support by the images and graphics, but the ultimate work is of content. The content of your mail gives clear idea about your motive, while on social media platform, it is designed for seeking attention of the viewer, so sometime it lost the soul of the message.

Marketing is very important for any brand, service or product because if people are not aware about your product then your quality of no use because the ultimate aim of business is increasing in sales. Marketing is important, but useless marketing also of no use. The maximum conversion into a sale is the best marketing. So always select the right platform for market yourself otherwise you will show your program in forest and people will forget you.

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